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The Window Source of Indy and Rebuilding Together

The Window Source of Indy partners with Rebuilding Together to restore hope and homes. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your home no longer meets the needs of your family, leaving you without comfort and safety? Countless families in Indianapolis have experienced this, whether due to age or unforeseen disasters. Maintaining a safe and healthy home can be especially difficult for senior citizens, veterans, and individuals with special needs. This incredible initiative between The Window Source of Inday and Rebuilding Together is dedicated to providing necessary repairs that allow eligible homeowners to remain in their homes, leading healthier and more independent lives.

Meet 93-year-old Lathan Hardy, his daughters, and the compassionate team at The Window Source of Indy, led by Johnnie Ray Pennington. The Window Source of Indy partnered with Rebuilding Together Indianapolis to ensure Mr. Hardy’s residence became a haven of health and safety.

As part of this transformational journey, four windows were replaced, breathing new life into Mr. Hardy’s family home. Home windows play a significant role in our day-to-day life, so it’s essential to keep them in good condition. That’s why Rebuilding Together’s recent project in Indianapolis decided to switch from the original wooden windows covered with aluminum storm windows to a 3-lite sliding window with white trim. This replacement was necessary because the existing design was not as energy-efficient, and it was challenging to maintain. The new sliding window has a fixed center sash and sliding windows on the left and right. The sliding windows glide easily on brass rollers. The 3-lite sliding window will provide the homeowner with added comfort during summers and winters. The 3-lite slider is also perfect for windows in hard-to-reach places and any other high-traffic areas where lifting the sash would be difficult. We’re excited to see the impact of this simple yet significant change, and how it will make a positive impact on the homeowner’s life.

Additionally, they replaced a small single-pane picture window that was causing the homeowner trouble. The old wooden frame had weathered over the years, and the homeowner had to resort to covering it with plastic each winter just to keep the cold out. With the new picture window, there’s no more need for plastic. The sleek black frame with new casing and trim gives the window a modern look that’ll fit right in with any style. Plus, with 2023 energy efficiency, the homeowner can enjoy toasty warmth without worrying about any drafts. The Window Source of Indy’s commitment to quality shows not just in their products, but in their attention to detail and care for their customers.

The Window Source donates $1 for every door and unit sold to Rebuilding Together. The Window Source of Indy also donates products and installation labor to homeowners identified by Rebuilding Together.