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9000 Series Double-Hung Windows

Bloomfields Antique Shop, nestled in the heart of Rockville, Indiana, has long been a treasured destination for antique enthusiasts and history aficionados. With its rich history and timeless charm, this antique shop has stood the test of time. However, as the years rolled by, it became evident that the original windows of the shop were in dire need of replacement to preserve both the aesthetics and functionality of the building. The Window Source of Indy was honored to partner with the shop owners to rejuvenate Bloomfield’s Antique Shop. In the design process, 9000 series double-hung windows, complete with an eyebrow arch, earthtone exterior, and bronze aluminum capping were selected for the project.

When it comes to a building with historical significance like Bloomfields Antique Shop, any renovation project must carefully balance preserving the past with modernizing for the future. Windows, a crucial architectural element, play a pivotal role in this process.

The old, weathered windows of the antique shop were not only detracting from its overall appearance but also failing to provide the necessary insulation and protection. To maintain the charm and heritage of the building while enhancing its energy efficiency, it was decided to replace the windows with a design that seamlessly integrated tradition and modernity.

The choice for Bloomfields Antique Shop was clear: the 9000 series double-hung windows. These windows are a perfect blend of classic design and advanced technology. Here’s why they were the ideal choice:

1. **Double-Hung Design**: The double-hung windows allow for easy ventilation control. The top and bottom sashes can be opened independently, allowing for customized airflow while preserving the historic look of the building.

2. **Architectural Elegance**: The eyebrow arch with legs mulled to the top adds a touch of sophistication to the double-hung windows. This elegant feature complements the antique shop’s aesthetic and gives it a unique, vintage appeal.

3. **Energy Efficiency**: Modern windows are designed to be energy-efficient. The 9000 series double-hung windows help reduce energy consumption and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the shop throughout the year.

4. **Durability**: These windows are built to last. The aluminum capping over the exterior trim, in earthtone and bronze, not only enhances the windows’ appearance but also provides protection against the elements, ensuring they remain beautiful for years to come.

5. **Low Maintenance**: The materials used in these windows are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, allowing the shop owners to focus on their treasures rather than constant upkeep.

Preserving the Exterior Aesthetic

One of the challenges in a window replacement project for a historic building is ensuring that the new 9000 series double-hung windows seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture. In the case of Bloomfield Antique Shop, the earth tone and bronze aluminum capping played a crucial role.

The earthtone color was chosen to match the earthy tones of the surrounding area, maintaining the shop’s connection to its roots. The bronze capping added a touch of elegance and contrast, highlighting the archtop design and giving the windows a classic look that fits perfectly with the shop’s antique ambiance.

The window replacement project at Bloomfields Antique Shop in Rockville, IN, is a testament to the importance of preserving history while embracing modern technology. The 9000 series double-hung windows with an eyebrow arch and earthtone and bronze aluminum capping have not only improved the energy efficiency and functionality of the building but have also enhanced its timeless charm and elegance.

As the shop continues to welcome visitors and history enthusiasts, it does so with a renewed sense of pride in its heritage and a commitment to providing an authentic and memorable experience for all who walk through its doors. The windows are not just a part of the building; they are a reflection of the care and dedication that go into preserving the past for future generations to enjoy.

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