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Bow & Bay Windows Plus Installation in Indianapolis

Bow & Bay Windows add a special touch to any home — they fill interior rooms with natural light and fresh air. In Indianapolis, trust The Window Source to provide customizable options for both new or replacement bow and bay windows.

Bay Windows

Quintessential Bay Windows have added a much sought after design aspect to homes in the Indianapolis area. They add space to any room as well as architectural interest to the overall exterior of a home. Bay Windows expand out from the house to create a panoramic view with big wide windows that let in tons of natural light and open up the space.

Versatile and customizable, our Bay Windows can be configured with a wide center picture window and two double-hung or casement windows on either side. By extending out from the room, they make the room appear larger while creating a cozy nook or seating area to curl up with a cup of tea or a good book.

Bow Windows 

Similar to Bay Windows, Bow Windows project out from the house in a semi-circle offering a panoramic view plus natural light and great air flow. With a more pronounced half-circle configuration, Bow Windows are comprised of between three to six windows of equal size that form a curved bow.

At The Window Source of Indy, we can customize Bow Windows with a selection of one or more window units from picture windows to ventilating casement windows to create the cross ventilation system that works best for your home. For new or replacement Bow Windows, contact us for a free estimate.

Can a Bow or Bay Window Replace an Existing Window?

You bet! At the Window Source of Indy, our customizable Bow and Bay Windows can be added to most any existing large picture window. With little to no structural changes, our expert window technicians can install your new bow or bay window to open up your living space or add a new dimension to both your interior room and the exterior facade.

Our local craftsmen take pride in ensuring all our window installations look like an original part of the construction and not a later add-on. When we construct and install a bow or bay window, we ensure that it’s tied into an existing overhang or installed with an optional roof assembly and sealed to ensure a weather-tight fit. 

Contact us to meet with an expert window consultant to learn more about our new or replacement Bow and Bay Windows.

Our Bow and Bay Window Features

  • To securely support the entire bow or bay window unit, we employ a heavy-duty solid wood frame that utilizes steel mullion rods.
  • Head and seat are 1-inch exterior grade plywood with birch veneer paintable finish or can be upgraded to stainable oak.
  • Double-hung, casement, and picture windows are available with an interior wood grain finish for a completely hand-finished wood appearance.
  • Our Bow and Bay Windows feature exterior vinyl cladding that is completely maintenance-free.
  • Our skilled craftsmen can build and install these windows into an exterior soffit area for protection and a finished look.
  • Some options include our shingle roof package and a superior insulated seat board.
  • These windows meet Energy Star requirements with select glass packages.

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