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Which is Better: Builder Grade or Custom Windows?

Builder-grade windows are an expensive, cost-cutting mistake for new homes. Custom windows will save you money on heating and cooling bills now and avoid replacing windows in the future.

What is the Difference between Builder Grade and Custom Windows?

Builder-grade windows look great when they are new. Fast forward 5-10 years and builder-grade windows may begin to look and perform very differently. The terms builder-grade windows and contractor windows refer to stripped-down, lower-quality windows. Builders and land developers purchase low-end windows to cut costs. Sure, brand new builder-grade windows look great in a brand new house. However, builder-grade windows fall short in meeting the minimal energy-efficiency, Energy Star standards. Additionally, they are typically made with standard-grade materials and parts. Builder-grade windows typically begin to fail within 5-10 years of installation. A builder-grade windows warranty is usually prorated within a 10 year period or is not even offered. Cutting costs with builder-grade windows in your new home now means spending more on heating & cooling costs and eventually spending more replacing the windows.

Characteristics of Builder Grade Windows:

Characteristics of Custom Windows:

Premium Grade Custom Windows

Premium-grade windows are the best windows that a window manufacturer has to offer and are custom ordered for your home. The homeowner is able to choose windows with glass and color options that match their aesthetic preferences as well as energy-efficiency requirements. The Window Source offers a lifetime warranty on custom-ordered windows.  To keep an already complex building process under control, very few builders offer premium, custom-grade windows as an option. Savvy new homeowners choose to upgrade to energy-efficient custom windows to save on heating & cooling bills and avoid replacement windows costs. Call The Window Source to learn more about the features and benefits of using high-quality windows from the start.